I'm currently a Creative Producer at Mediaworks in Auckland.
I'm passionate about creating great content, marketing, design and development. I love creating things which can bring people joy, information or entertainment.

I have a Diploma in Creative Advertising and my skills include Photoshop, Web Development, Video Animation, Problem solving, Idea generation, and Digital Marketing.

I love music and concerts, and run a website and Facebook page called One Night, which lists New Zealand concerts.

brands I’ve produced work for

my work

A video made for Ford.
A video made for Big Barrel.
This ad is based on Hell Pizza's 'Pizza Roulette' - Spin the pizza to see if you get burned with the chilli!
In this game, users try to make it from Monday to Friday in the office. This ad is a concept for the TV show '7 Days'.
This is an interactive element to go with a TVC. The mouse becomes a spatula as patties fall onto the grill, allowing users to flip them.
A simple game I made for fun. The bucket follows the mouse, and users have to catch as many coins as possible.
These are some simple dislpay ads for the Air Force, featuring planes flying into view.
My work on the 2015 rebrand of More FM was a great achievement for me, as I got to see my designs on buses, adshels, and all kinds of other branding.